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    Customer Reviews:

    "He loved it!!! He said
    it was one of three of
    the best gifts of his
    life......Thanks again!"

    "The bat is exactly
    what I wanted, the heft
    and feel is perfect
    and I like your
    designation of G-4,
    hopefully you will get
    more orders for this
    bat. I can't wait for
    it to stop raining so I
    can go and hit a few out
    of the park."

  • Cook & Son's Custom Bats

    • Cook & Son's main focus is customized bats. We offer custom bats of varying sizes and shapes. You name it. We make it. Your size, your shape, your color, your signature. Below are several samples of C&S custom bats:

      SZ14 (Scott Zuidema - 33" - Flared Knob - Maple)

      PGE-71 (Philip Escandon - Classic Style - Ash)

      "Thorn In My Hand" - Bamboo

      "Fight On!" (Ben Gualberto)

      C18 (Todd Cook - Black Finish - Ash)

      G4 - Golden Era style (Ash - 35.25" length)

      Prices for custom bats vary depending on what you want.

      Click here to inquire about Cook & Son's custom bats.

    We are baseball traditionalists here at Cook & Son. That means we think "inter-league play" should mean the World Series, and baseball bats should be made of Ash. But we're accomodating folks. So long as we can get our hands on it, we will use whatever wood the batter prefers.