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  • The Linedrive

    Line Drive was the first bat ever made by Cook & Son Baseball Bats. It was made in the spring of 1993. After making the Linedrive, Todd Cook used it during batting practice for his high school baseball team. It hit solidly. It felt great. However, Todd's coach was kind of on the cruel side and he fed Todd a steady diet of sliders in. Eventually, Todd's coach succeeded in breaking the Linedrive. However, let it be known, that the pitch that broke Linedrive also produced a linedrive basehit behind second base.

    Though the Linedrive was broken it was not destine for the junkheap. Jim Cook, the master craftsmen that he is, using the modern miracles of wood glue and wood pegs, reassembed the Linedrive. Today it is only upon a very close examination that you can tell the Linedrive was ever broken.